7 de dezembro de 2016

School & EcoBloggin | The Global Goals

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*online English this time, sorry folks*

A months days ago, I did my English Oral Presentation about Global Goals, and today I am here to show you a little about this subject, which is, in my opinion the most important thing to our generation, because, we need to raise aweress about it.

In a short way, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) is a set of 17 aspirational goals, with 169 targets between them and it involves 193 United Nations Member's states. This project were officially created in September, 25th of 2015.

«There can be no Plan B, because there is no Planet B» 
- Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of United Nations 

With this project, the United Nations and all of the ones involved hope to create a better Planet and Humanity, by defending, specially this 4 major targets: Inclusive Social Development, Environmental Sustainability, Inclusive Economic Development & Peace and Security
And when completed it will mean the end of extreme poverty, inequalities and climate change by 2030. I give many attention to future, to life and future generations. I worry a lot about life in a few years and our end: Will Humanity die because We killed our planet? Or will Humanity die because the values that We are defending nowadays are the wrong ones, the ones that have the power to kill us slowly? 
If the Global Goals programme doesn’t work, in a few years, having kids in this world will be a massive egoistic act. There are several things that we need to change here, in our only home, and we’re running out of time, and you by yourself should have already figured it out because a few weeks ago there were summer temperatures in Portugal and in the following week you notice a very cold and winter weather. 
Although many people seem worried about the consequences that climate change may bring or about extreme poverty or inequalities, the largest part of them doesn’t seem to do anything about those issues, since they know it takes time; but sadly they forget that it is worth it.

“We have a plan” and I’m glad we do.

See you soon,

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  1. Não conhecia este projecto, tenho de ir pesquisar tudinho!


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